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Umar Farooq Zahoor - Known Investor and Entrepreneur, lives in Dubai

Mr. Umar Farooq Zahoor, former director AMERI GROUP - One of the most influential personalities in today’s world. Sheikh Umar Farooq Zahoor has won so many awards over the years for being the best Norwegian-Pakistani businessman. Today, he is a successful billionaire businessman living a magnificent life in Dubai. Umar Farooq Zahoor, a former director of MERI GROUP and well-known investor and entrepreneur. His smart career choices and keen investment decisions have made him the proud owner of several companies over the years. Along with making capital, Sheikh Umar Farooq Zahoor is a generous man who always helps the needy and is involved in sever CSR that is corporate social responsibility activities.

Umar Farooq Zahoor- The noble and ever helping businessman

Umar Farooq Zahoor, Pakistani- Norwegian businessman in Dubaiwho is an entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. As he started working early when he was young and collecting the business experiences and skills in an early age, Umar Farooq is renowned for helping the needy and he feels for children especially those who don’t have a roof over their heads, or those children whose parents cannot afford to take care of them.A noble and kind hearted businessman who delivers messages like "At this time of crisis, I did this essential thing in supporting and giving back to the City and its people.” it’s natural that Umar Farooq Zahoor is today looked up by many youngsters around the globe as a role model. As an activist, trader and philanthropist, Umar Farooq Zahoor, has done a lot of philanthropic and charitable work.

Sheikh Umar Farooq Zahoor
Umar Farooq Zahoor

He recently assisted health staff and other frontline employees around the world during the current Covid-19 health crisis. Stranded people in locality during these tough times of Covid-19 pandemic were helped a lot by the Norwegian-Pakistani businessman.Mr. Umar has made sure to provide instant relief to the needy and under-privileged communities, assisting them in whichever way possible, with the welfare of the people first thing in his mind.

Sheikh Umar Farooq Zahoor believes that every child in the world should have access to quality education, and basic healthcare facilities, and intends to provide all of this whenever possible. He always looks to give back to the society in whatever way possible.One of Mr. Farooq’s another aim is to help those who cannot afford medicines and treatment. He in future, wishes to provide easy access to healthcare for all the people. Umar Farooq Zahoor is not bothered or scared about his own health or his own needs, desires and any other things because his priority is always to get the maximum number of people basic facilities like medicines, food, clothes and also financial help whenever possible.

As his personality is a combination of brilliance and benevolence, Sheikh Umar Farooq Zahoor.

Umar Farooq Zahoor has vowed to make a large portion of his resources available for charitable purposes. Umar Farooq Zahoor is also renowned for assisting many migrants, laborers and other people in locality as Umar Farooq knows the familiar struggles of migrants and poor sections of the community. Sheikh Umar Farooq intends to launch various healthcare operations in locality as well as in the whole of region under which the healthcare expenses of people who cannot afford it themselves are covered.


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